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We have designed an ultra high quality REMOVABLE / REUSABLE VINYL STATIC CLING DECAL that can be safely placed anywhere on your vehicle. Extremely well designed at 22” x 2.5”,  this static cling decal could not be any easier to read, remove, and reuse.

Purchased by the thousands– we provide you with an excellent price that includes shipping.

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simple road rules behind “slower traffic keep right”.

#AL...I love pulling in front of someone who has been blocking traffic in the left lane and making sure they see my decal. Usually they will wise up and move over. Sometimes people need help understanding how to drive properly on a thruway. 
#Art...This decal has given me a real piece of mind on the road and has actually lowered my road rage!
#Lumpkins...I have been looking for something like this for awhile.
So LOVE that it is not a sticker!

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